My Letter

My letter is a fortnightly collection of my thoughts, each on a different theme. This is where I bare my bones. I only share these with my letter readers, they aren’t archived anywhere else. So sign up to become an #amletter friend.


Am reading letters are short reviews of my current reads, how I have found them, how they have influenced me and my writing.


Am writing letters are updates on my current projects, thoughts about the writing process. Sometimes this can get a bit meta, but if you are interested in the writing behind the writing, these letters are where I share excerpts from my process journal and how I am writing (or sometimes, why I am not).


What I think about news, ideas, things I’ve learned, questions I’m pondering and how these show up in my writing.

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Most of all this is a conversation, so when you do receive my letter hit reply and let me know your thoughts…

A M Woods