a little bit about me…

I work in digital media and have a special interest in digital modes of reading, particularly in online reading communities. You can find me most days hanging out with my reading buddies over on #bookstagram at @amwoodswriter

My poetry has been published by the New Zealand Poetry Society and Poetry New Zealand and my short fiction by The Three Lamps. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and am currently working on my first novel.

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a little letter

a little letter is an occasional note to you, my reading friends. I like to share what I’m reading, what I’m writing, what I’m thinking.

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little stories

The Beach

Her sister’s children were playing in the shallow surf, running up the long streak of wet sand as each wave licked the shore. They became braver each time, letting the foam wash their toes, their feet, their ankles. Soon they would be knee deep. ‘It’s not too late, you know,’ Amelia said. Her sunglasses clutched …


  If Elina is uncomfortable with the silence, she doesn’t show it. Her hands remain flatly folded in her lap and her eyes look forward, unblinking. Paul stands up and walks over to her. He sits next to her. She still does not move or speak. He reaches out his hand and places his palm …

Lost Dreams

I often have strange dreams. Last night I journeyed into the underworld and searched for a lost jewel. Of course, there is nothing more boring than hearing about someone else’s dreams, their frayed logic and tremulous reaching. So let me instead tell you about something real, something that happened to me: A few weeks ago …